Cryptopolis - Terms of Service

Terms of Service

These Terms govern the relationship between CFX-Gaming BV (hereafter also referred to as “CFX-Gaming”) and you as a user of services or products provided by CFX-Gaming (hereafter also referred to as “Player”).

1. General Terms

1.1. Player accounts

The use of the services and products provided by CFX-Gaming requires prior registration of an account as a Player, which registration has to be accepted by CFX-Gaming. CFX-Gaming reserves the right to reject Player registrations without specifying any reason for rejection. Multiple registrations by a single person, as well as the setting up and operation of multiple accounts at CFX-Gaming are strictly prohibited. Player Accounts are non-transferable.

1.2. Types of Players

CFX-Gaming distinguishes between users who are wallet players and non-wallet players 

1.4. Data Entry

The personal information that CFX-Gaming requests upon registration is to be fully and accurately completed. This may include a valid e-mail address, username, password, first and last name, date of birth, address, wallet information (when applicable), mobile phone number and home telephone number (if available), as well as data from a valid ID or Passport (when applicable). Age verification can be automatically carried out upon completion of registration based on the information entered, but may be subject to further presentation of proof. In the event that false or incorrect data is entered or shared, CFX-Gaming reserves the right to immediately terminate a Player’s Account on CFX-Gaming, withhold any CPO and/or cancel any account withdrawal. When the entered personal data change the concerned Player is obliged to immediately update, change, or notify CFX-Gaming of the changes. E-mails may be sent to [email protected].

1.5. Privacy

We take the protection of personal data seriously. The use of such data will take place regularly in order to enable you to play the games, find you the right gaming match, correspond with you, to alert you to any new games that we think might be of interest to you, to alert you to any changes to these Terms of Services, and in order to perform necessary services, and make sure your tax is paid by you when and if applicable. In doing so, CFX-Gaming adheres to its Privacy Policy, which is applicable here by reference.

1.6. Gameplay Requirements

Players with an accepted Account have the right to use CFX-Gaming. Certain games or certain features offered therein may be conditional to a certain Player status, age requirement, proof of positive CPO Balance, shown skill level (amount of completed games), specific game rules, and other factors CFX-Gaming may find relevant. Players are solely responsible to ensure that their hardware devices, software, and internet connections are up-to-date, functioning and in step with the necessary System Requirements, which will be set out for each particular game by CFX-Gaming. A Player’s right to use CFX-Gaming products and its features is conditional to the current technical status of CFX-Gaming platforms at any given time. Temporary disturbances may be experienced due to the interruption of telecommunications, power outages, hardware and software failures, etc. Maintenance work is conducted mainly for the purpose of ensuring the server’s security and integrity. If possible, Players shall be notified of maintenance periods in advance. Games that have begun prior to such maintenance periods will not be extended, despite the fact that no game play can take place during maintenance periods. This can include the main game as well as the minigames.

1.7. Fundamental Rules of Use

1.7.1. Abuse

Abusive behavior is prohibited. Such behavior includes, but is not limited to:

intentionally entering faulty, misleading, incorrect, or incomplete information;

opening multiple Player Accounts or opening Player Accounts without proper authorization;

committing, or attempting to commit fraud, especially but not limited through the use of mechanisms, software, or any script in association with the Website that is intended to interrupt the functioning of the Website, help a user achieve better results than could be achieved through the sole use of regular game controls , help the user to achieve a score that is not possible by only following these controls described by CFX-Gaming, or negatively influence another Player’s game controls;

Purposely causing an interruption or error in order to influence a game, such as to cause the game to prematurely end;

achieving or attempting to achieve an advantage over other Players through unfair behavior of any kind, such as through deception, which could damage or endanger a fair competition;

cooperating with other Players in a way that could create an advantage over novice users and thus diminish their opportunity for fair play and reduce their chances of winning.

breaking any further rules or duties that are detailed in the general Terms of Services.

1.7.2. Communication

When it is possible for Players to contact each other, for reasons such as challenging each other to Matches. In doing so, they are obligated to only send messages that:

are free of obvious or hidden advertisement;

are neither subjective, intentionally false, derogatory, defamatory, immoral, nor pornographic in nature nor fulfill any other element of offense;

are not damaging to any third parties;

do not contain any viruses or computer programs that could affect the function of external computers;

are not surveys or chain letters;

were not written with the intent to expand a certain political, ideological, or religious denomination;

were not written with the intent to collect, save, or use personal information from users without their explicit consent, especially for promotional purposes;

1.8. Cancellation / Contract Duration and Termination

1.8.1. Statutory Right to cancel

You can find all the details on the Players’s cancellation termination form.

1.8.2. Termination

A Player can terminate his Account and thereby any user license agreement at any time during the course of participation.

All that is required to terminate is a written announcement sent to Zwartewaterallee 44 8031 DP Zwolle or an E-mail to [email protected] CFX-gaming remaining in the Account will be forfeited upon termination. A remaining positive balance of CPO on the Player Account will be transferred to his/her wallet within a processing period of up to 30 workdays.

If his wallet information is unknown, then the general conditions under section 3.2.2 of these Terms of Service will be applied. CFX-Gaming has the right to terminate a Player’s Account with two weeks’ notice but may terminate and deactivate Player’s accounts for substantial / or pressing reasons, including but not limited in cases of abusive behavior or the suspicion of abuse, especially those detailed in section 1.7.1 and 1.7.2. If such abuse is likely, then games which have already begun may be aborted and the results will not be evaluated. In case of abuse the Player is obliged to compensate and indemnify CFX-Gaming for any caused loss, damage, or third party legal claims, including tax claims.

1.9. Liability

1.9.1. Limitation

CFX-Gaming is not liable for loss, damage, or injury caused by access, use, or attempted access or use of its platforms, websites, applications. CFX-Gaming is also not liable for any loss, damage or injury caused by downloading any data or for information obtained in any other way from CFX-Gaming unless the problems are caused by wanton neglect or purposeful breach of duty on the part of CFX-Gaming. CFX-Gaming shall only be held liable for its vicarious agents and/or legal representatives who have acted with wanton negligence or purposeful breach of duty and as long as no material contractual obligations have been violated by CFX-Gaming, its vicarious agents and/or legal representatives. Damage resulting from injury to life, body or health shall not be affected

1.9.3. Abuse

CFX-Gaming is not liable for any damages of any kind that are caused due to a Player’s misuse of CFX-Gaming services, which include all resulting losses by any third parties.

1.9.4. Match abort

If CFX-Gaming is forced to close a Match (as hereafter defined) prematurely, then the participating Players can have their buy in fees refunded and credited to their Player Accounts. CFX-Gaming is not liable for any collateral or consequential damages. If player abort match on his own account the winnings will go towards the other contender in the minigame.

1.9.5. Losses

CFX-Gaming is not liable for lost winnings or lost potential winnings, not even in the case of prematurely closed matches. CFX-Gaming is not liable for any taxes, levies, duties or similar charges with regard to the Players winnings except to the extent required by law. The Player is solely responsible for reporting his winnings and losses arising from the use of CFX-Gaming and it is his sole responsibility to pay and proceed with all necessary diligence in relation to taxes as required by law or other authorities.

1.9.6. Scope of content

CFX-Gaming shall be accountable for the content that it makes available. CFX-Gaming cannot be held accountable for offers from third-parties for which we only offer access (such as via links). We expressly call to your attention that we cannot be held liable for any content on third-party websites for which we offer links.

1.10. Amendments to These Terms of Service

1.10.1. Notification

All declarations that are conducted within the context of the CFX-Gaming license agreement must be made in written form or via e-mail. The CFX-Gaming e-mail address is [email protected]

1.10.2. Revisions

CFX-Gaming reserves the right to revise these Terms of Service from time to time. In such an event, CFX-Gaming will communicate the fact that Terms of Service have been revised and will apply to any new gameplay, and ask the Player to confirm acceptance of these terms electronically, making these tems available for prior review. If a Player rejects the newly revised Terms of Service, then CFX-Gaming may terminate his account in accordance with section 1.8.2.

1.11. Severability

If any section of these terms and agreements is deemed invalid, then the remaining sections and agreements will remain valid and enforceable. If this is the case, the most similar provision possible shall be added at our economic convenience, which shall make the illegal, invalid, or unenforceable provisions legal, valid and enforceable.

1.12. Applicable Law

These Terms of Service are governed by the laws of the Netherlands, where the competent courts in Amsterdam (shall) have exclusive jurisdiction.

1.13. Areas of Use

CFX-Gaming only offers its services in the country or countries that are selectable. In the event that a Player enters false information regarding his residence, then CFX-Gaming may exercise its right of avoidance with regard to the user contract. CFX-Gaming reserves the right to withhold and offset funds from the player’s account.

1.14. Foreign regulation

If you are unsure of whether CFX-Gamingservices are legally permitted in your area, then seek legal advice prior to registration and/or to participation. CFX-Gaming Players are solely responsible for following all applicable laws in their country and/or state. In the event that a Player acts illegally by using our services despite local limits on or prohibition of such use, then no user contract shall take effect. CFX-Gaming cannot be held accountable for legal matters arising from laws in your area, and will cooperate with local government agencies of the area if necessary. 

2. Terms for Players

2.1. Registration

3.1.1 Registration as a Wallet Player

Participation as a Wallet Player requires connection with your meta mask wallet, through this a individual user id will be assign and Player can make use of the game application.

3.1.2. Age Verification

Only contractually capable, natural persons are allowed to register as Wallet players. Persons under the age of 18 are not permitted to participate in the games in which you have the chance to win CPO. Verification of age Age verification can be automatically carried out upon completion of registration, based on the information entered. In order to comply with youth protection regulations, CFX-Gaming may ask for additional proof to verify age and non compliance within a reasonable time frame is ground for immediate termination of the Player account, or ground to bar that Player from being active as a Wallet Player. If the registering Player is not in possession of a valid ID that was issued in the corresponding country towards the account, then CFX-Gaming will do its best to determine another equally valid form of age verification.

3.1.3. Staff Participation

Staff of CFX-Gaming and their associate companies are not eligible to participate as Wallet Players on CFX-Gaming. They may, however, participate in games for testing purposes, but will surrender any gain or profit to CFX-Gaming, who will refund the other Player.

3.2 Player Accounts

3.2.1. Deposit

The opening of a Wallet Player Account is free of charge, and requires that CFX-Gaming has received payment of the minimum deposit and the user has completed a Wallet Player registration. Deposited CPO can be used exclusively to play games at CFX-Gaming, and to cover CFX-Gaming fees and commission. Deposited funds can be withdrawn in accordance with sections 3.2.2 through 3.2.6.

3.2.2. Withdrawal

Wallet players are granted the right to withdraw their positive CPO towards their metamask wallet, or any portion of it, the minimal amount the wallet player can withdraw is 1 CPO. Any incurred fees will first be offset from the balance of the Player. CFX-Gaming is not obligated but is at liberty to verify the authorization of the account holder by requiring additional identification. The withdrawal shall be carried out, after the request is processed.

CFX-Gaming BV utilizes Chainsafe API calls to deliver withdrawal requests made by wallet player. These withdrawal requests are subject to data by CFX-gaming.

3.2.3. Proof of Identity

For security reasons, CFX-Gaming is authorized to withhold funds until proof of identity can be confirmed. In cases such as these, the user shall be obligated to send a copy his wallet and security screening process with our team members. Along with a written request to withdraw the CPO or NFT’s, including his wallet information. 

3.2.4. Deletion of Wallet Player Accounts

Wallet Player Accounts will be deleted at our sole discretion and without any notification of reason once a period of two years has passed since the last login or when the contract is terminated. The agreement between Player and CFX-Gaming shall be severed along with the deletion of the Player Account. If the Player replies with wallet information that does not deviate from what was previously submitted, then funds on the account in question, if any, will be transferred to the wallet account that was associated with that Member’s Player Account. If a Player Account is deleted due to substantial reasons, then CFX-Gaming shall reserve the right to reserve funds for the purpose of compensation for CFX-Gaming or third-parties, the then current balance of the account will be considered liquidated damages due to CFX-Gaming for a breach of contract.

3.3. Buy ins and Prizes

3.3.1. Minigame Match Buy ins

By participating in a particular minigame match or tournament (“Match”), the Player authorizes CFX-Gaming to deduct the indicated fee (“Buy in ”) from his Player Account, and to credit that buy in Fee to the account of a Player that CFX-Gaming has determined to be the Match winner, after deduction of a handling fee due to CFX-Gaming (“Service Fee”). The Buy in Fee will be deducted from the Member’s Player Account upon entering the Match, and is non-refundable, unless a Player cannot be matched or if a Match is determined to result in a draw by CFX-Gaming. An Buy in Fee is calculated and due in CPO and will not be incurred for Matches played only with/for CFX-gaming. A Player cannot enter a Match if sufficient funds are not available in his Player Account. The Service Fee due to CFX-Gaming amounts to fifteen percent (10%) of each Buy In Fee unless otherwise indicated. CFX-Gaming reserves the right to place a limit on the total Buy in Fee(s) allowed per Match, or per Player, whether equally for all Players, or for a particular Player.

3.3.2. Branded Tournament Entry Fees

CFX-gamin may open tournaments where Players can enter to win a specific in-kind prize or specified cash prizes (a “Branded Tournament”). Any Entry Fees determined for participation in a Branded Tournament are fully due to CFX-Gaming.

3.3.3. Prize CPO

The potential prize CPO is displayed at the beginning of each Match.

3.3.4. Aborted Games

If a Player aborts a game, either purposefully or due to technical problems that cannot be attributed to CFX-Gaming, then the score that was last transmitted to CFX-Gaming will be counted as the result.

3.3.5. Prizes

CFX-Gaming reserves the right to withhold prize for events equal money amounting to more than EUR 10,000.- or an in-kind prize until it can be personally handed over in our business office or some other place. This also includes CPO or prizes won through any special event. In such events of Branded Tournaments, CFX-Gaming reserves the right to withhold the CPO or prize until a live test has been successfully completed

3.3.6. Taxes

In case of trading and selling NFT’s within the game, CFX-gaming may withhold any taxes, levies, duties or similar charges. The taxation fee is shared with the player upon placing a item up for sale. The player will who remains solely responsible to proceed with all necessary diligence in relation to taxes, and pay such taxes, etc., as required by law or other authorities. After collecting earnings from their NFT’s. 

3.4. Deposit and Fees

3.4.1. Deposits via metamask Wallet

Deposits made by metamask wallet should be transferred to the wallet account specified by CFX-Gaming through the deposit function. The particular Player can only participate in Matches and tournaments once the CPO  has been deposited on his account. Along with deposit, the Player submits a collateral security deposit via the depositing of CPO of which CFX-Gaming has a right to a commission, reimbursement of expenses, and compensation for damages.

3.4.3. Status of deposit

Funds, entry fees, and processing fees are considered to have been paid once they have been irrevocably credited to the CFX-Gaming wallet account and deducted from the wallet Player Account. CFX-Gaming takes care to ensure that all deposits are credited to the appropriate accounts as soon as possible. CFX-Gaming is revocably authorized, though not required, to allow users to participate in Matches and tournaments before we have received payment upon wallet.

3.4.6. Gas Transaction and Inactivity Fees

CFX-Gaming administration fees: for each deposit a variable Gas processing fee is payable to metamask, upon withdrawal a variable Gas processing fee is payable by CFX-gaming for the player towards metamask.

3.4.7 Early access

CRYPTOPOLIS IS CURRENTLY STILL IN EARLY ACCES meaning the game is a tool to get CRYPTOPOLIS in front of our users and gather feedback while we finish our game. All in game data is stored, in case of loss of NFT or CPO write a mail towards [email protected]

3.5. Remedies in case of Abuse

3.5.1 Termination, indemnification and penalties

CFX-Gaming is authorized to close and/or delete wallet Player Accounts and end this contractual agreement without notice in cases of abusive behavior or the suspicion of abuse, especially those detailed in section 1.7.1 and 1.7.2. If such abuse is likely, then games which have already begun may be aborted and the results will not be evaluated. In case of abuse the Player is obliged to compensate and indemnify CFX-Gaming for any caused loss or damage or third party legal claims, including tax claims.

3.5.2. Further measures against Abuse

In accordance with section 3.5.1., CFX-Gaming reserves the right to block or delete user accounts, and release information to legal courts and government agencies in the event of abusive content, statements, etc. Furthermore, CFX-Gaming reserves the right to file a report with the police.

3.6. Reporting Problems

All problems encountered during the use of our services, including those with regard to games, Player Accounts, etc., can be reported to CFX-Gaming of when the problem is encountered. CFX-Gaming deletes usage data after use, and after 90 days in accordance with data protection regulations. Because of this, problems and errors can then no longer be reviewed.

3.7. Posts / Comments

CFX-Gaming is granted the unlimited right of usage in terms of space and time for all posts submitted on the CFX-Gaming user forum, or other information submitted to CFX-Gaming using the provided mechanisms for such including photographs, game comments, suggestions, etc. The user is not entitled to compensation for such.

3.8. Public Relations

As a wallet Player, you consent to the use of your username, photographs and recordings to be displayed along with the amount of prize CPO you have won for the purpose of advertisement, press releases, release in printed media, radio, television, Internet, and otherwise be publicly made available, used, and duplicated if you win a jackpot, prize of the month/year, special prize, or win more than 50 EUR in a single month. In the event of live or webcam games or tournament events, then you also consent to the publication and duplication of this data, recordings, and photographs for the purpose of press releases, advertisement, publications, public access, utilization and duplication. You have no right to compensation for such use of this data. Please direct all complaints, problems, and comments in written form to CFX-Gaming BV, Zwartewaterallee 44 8031 DP Zwolle or send us an e-mail at [email protected]

This Terms of Service was last updated on 26-09-2022

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