Discord Scammers

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Cryptopians! Below you will find an explanation of how to protect yourself against scammers in Discord. But remember: always stay alert!

Improvement tips for your Discord Safety

First of all, open the ‘Settings’ tab in Discord:

1. Improve your message scanning settings

Head to the Privacy & Safety section of your personal Discord account settings. There you will see a section entitled “Safe Direct Messaging”. For the highest level of security, you should set this option to “keep me safe”, which scans all DMs you receive for possible shadiness. Choosing the “my friends are nice” option is only useful if you’re not the type of person who accepts random friend requests (we will discuss this in the next point).

2. Disable friend requests

Scammers may try to add you as a friend first if you have your Safe Direct Messaging option still set to the default “my friends are nice” setting. This means that DMs from “friends” won’t be scanned for shadiness. In the Privacy & Safety settings of your Discord account, you can also disable the ability for anyone to add you as a friend. This will stop the big pile of friend requests that will be coming in trying to trick you into something.

3. Disable DMs from non-friends

One of the best measures against scammers is to disable the ability to receive DMs from anyone that is not on your friend list. You can also do this in your Privacy & Safety account settings and in your server settings (click the down arrow in the top-left of the server, then select the Privacy option).

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