Cryptopolis - Live on Mainnet

Live on Mainnet

Start your journey in the Tower now!

We have reached a very big milestone in the development of Cryptopolis: we have moved the game to mainnet! This means that while playing you can use your real $CPO and NFT items out of any Booster Pack that you have. The test phase is over: any minigame that you will play will now be for real $CPO! Another added feature is the basic functionalities of your character for the Need system. In other words: time to start exploring the Cryptopolis Tower!

Claim your free room

Every Cryptopian will start their journey in the Cryptopolis Tower with their own empty free room. NFT Items such as furniture, clothing, and art can be acquired by completing daily quests and interacting with fellow Cryptopians. Once you have a full inventory of NFT Items that can be stored in your apartment you have the possibility to furnish and style it to your own taste to keep your character happy and grind your way to the top!

Collect NFTs: Play and Earn!

Cryptopolis is completely free-to-play and gives the opportunity to earn $CPO without ever purchasing it. We want to make a social game that is accessible for all walks of life, and by keeping the entry barrier as low as possible, we can welcome anyone as a Tower citizen!

All items that are acquired in-game are NFTs such as rooms, furniture, clothing, and accessories. All of these items have a utility that gives you the necessary tools to progress quicker, so be a true hoarder of functional stuff!