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the biggest online social crypto gamE of 2022

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Cryptopolis is completely free-to-play and allows earning $CPO without ever purchasing it! Maybe you blossom like a great trader or even start your own business in one of your rooms? The Tower is your playground, so be creative!

Collect NFT's

Collect NFT’s

All items acquired in-game are NFTs such as furniture, clothing, and accessories. All these items have unique sets of utility, so more reason to try and accumulate the best of the best to progress even quicker and unlock new public spaces, minigames, and NFTs!

Social Platform

Interact with friends in the Tower to build out your NFT collection and play minigames together with fellow Cryptopians. Just like in real life, your friends can decide your success, so make sure you keep adding interesting players to your friend list!

The tower

The start of your journey in the Tower.

Every Cryptopian will start their journey in the Cryptopolis Tower with their own empty apartment. NFT Items such as furniture, clothing and art can be acquired by completing daily quests and interacting with fellow Cryptopians. Once you have a full inventory of NFT Items that can be stored in your apartment you have the possibility to furnish and style it by your own taste! 



What is $CPO?

$CPO is the associated cryptocurrency that is used in Cryptopolis. However, Cryptopians do not need Cryptopolis tokens ($CPO) to start playing the game. The game is completely free-to-play and gives the opportunity to collect NFTs without having to use any of their own funds. There is an option to never even purchase $CPO and still play the game! Earn $CPO by doing your daily quests, trade your way to fortune, and by hooking your crypto wallet in-game, you will have a seamless experience of buying, earning, and selling $CPO.

Cryptopolis minigame

The tower

Initial Room Offering

To celebrate the fact that Cryptopolis is going into alpha stages, we are doing a one-off, never to be done again, initial room offering of our Genesis apartments. Rooms will be the most valuable assets in the game, and these NFTs will give you a massive edge in the game and will be extremely rare. Make sure you get ready to have your real estate portfolio filled up, as there is also a chance to win a real Rolex watch worth around 15.000 USD!

Our team

Our team consists of 45 driven people that work on Cryptopolis. With more than 180 years of professional game industry experience in our development department, over 600 million downloads on other titles, and leaders that worked for the biggest gaming studios in the world, we are confident we can take crypto gaming to new heights. Our board consists of entrepreneurs that have at least 10 years of business development experience, and have worked with a plethora of big and small brands alike. The potential of NFTs and crypto-driven games excites us, and we hope we can take you on the journey with us.