Initial Room Offering (ENG)

Cryptopolis tower

Cryptopolis announces its first and only initial room offering!

Hello Cryptopians! 

After eight months of developing with a team of 30+ people, the time to go into the alpha testing stages is upon us. To celebrate, we are doing a one-off (never to be done again) initial room offering of our Genesis apartments. Rooms will be the most valuable assets in the game, these room NFTs will give you a massive edge in the game and will be extremely rare. 

In our game, it’s possible to buy rooms from other players, find them in a few boosterpacks, or win them in community competitions. But as in real life, rooms are one of the rarest things to find in the Tower. People want to move in, so it’s time to create that edge if you want to start your journey as a business owner in the Tower.

This initial room offering celebrates Cryptopolis going into the alpha stages. Do you want to be one of the high-rollers that starts their real estate portfolio before anyone else? Here is your chance.

Perks of participating in the IRO

Have the edge

Open alpha arrives in mid-July! Are you ready for your headstart in your Cryptopolis journey? This is the ONLY opportunity for our most loyal community members to lay their claim to a room in the world of Cryptopolis. So what are you waiting for? Create the edge for your journey in our metaverse with a room of your dreams, and become a famous and wealthy Cryptopian!

Start your business

Cryptopolis is here to help you unleash your inner creativity! With a portfolio of rooms under your belt, you could easily become an in-game real estate agent and capitalize on the scarce market of apartments by flipping or even opening a gym and charging admittance while you are online! The Tower is your playing field, and we can’t wait to see which creative money-making rooms you come up with!

Be a pioneer

Higher Prestige requirements require a higher Prestige level character. Higher prestige characters will eventually need these rooms, which creates a tremendous opportunity for resale! While you might think otherwise, even uncommon rooms you purchase will be very valuable as that is the first room players can move into after their starter room. So don’t focus too much on legendary rooms only; all rarities have their place in the player’s journey.

With a room you can:

  • Have more space for more NFTs
  • Generate more in-game CPO
  • Hit Prestige levels quicker
  • Gain access to exclusive areas, minigames, and much more!

What types of rooms are available?

Where and when will the rooms be available?

Wave 1 of the rooms has gone out at the 1st of July, and due to the success of this first wave we will list all remaining waves on the 8th of July around 5:00 PM CET. Exact times will be announced in our communities (Discord & Telegram) and on all our socials, so make sure you follow us here to stay up-to-date!

The IRO will take place on the OpenSea platform:

Win a 15.000 USD Rolex Datejust 41!

Cryptopolis partnered up with the Origyn Foundation to give the top 50 of the leaderboard on Viralsweep that bought a room a chance to win a real Rolex Datejust 41! This watch will be shipped to you with its digital twin in the form of an NFT that functions as your proof of authenticity. So start doing your tasks on Viralsweep, invite friends to buy some rooms and get as high on the leaderboard as you can!

How can I enter to win!?

If you want to be one of the lucky people who have entered the competition to win the Rolex, the only things you need to do are the following:

  • Buy at least one room in the IRO in any of the waves. Rarity does not matter.
  • Do all tasks you can find in the sweepstakes competition. The more tasks you do and the more friends you have that use your link to enter, the more entry tickets you get for the competition.
  • Keep an eye on your submitted email address during the IRO to hear first when we are announcing the winner and how.

Please note: cheating is useless. We will check all the entries manually, and if you have friends using your referral link that did not buy any rooms in the IRO, we will also disqualify that specific entry and re-roll. Be aware that we will do our due diligence to ensure the winner is 100% legit and who knows we might show up at your doorstep to deliver you your very own 15.000 USD value Rolex.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy a lower rarity room?

Before you can move into your legendary room and enjoy the benefits, you need to be at a certain Prestige level first. Before that moment you can own one of the legendary rooms, but can’t use it. The only real utility it might have for you at that point is selling them, but seeing you are early in development with us here, the chances are not a lot of players will be looking for legendary rooms to use at first. The uncommon rooms are very valuable as well, as those are the rooms you get to move into first after hitting a certain Prestige level, so the demand for uncommon rooms (especially in the beginning) will be way higher than epic rarity rooms.

Can I enter the sweepstakes for the Rolex without buying a room?

Short answer: no. We want to reward the people who bought their first real estate in the Tower and that did everything they could to spread the word.

Why should I buy a bigger room if I get my basic room for free?

As our closed alpha testers already experienced: the free room is small. And it becomes too small fast after leveling up your character a few tiers. The uncommon, rare, epic and legendary rooms give you the space you need to truly enjoy leveling your character’s skills, attend to their needs, and create new opportunities to make $CPO in the Tower.

Why are the rooms so expensive?

Well, just like in real life, we want to have a fairly limited amount of rooms available above the common rarity. Real estate should be something you really work for as a player, as that is the most valuable asset you can have to level up your character, gain Prestige, and get more influential friends in the Tower. In our opinion, our pricing reflects that, and as long as people are dumping 50.000 dollars in PNGs of animals, we think we are pretty fair with our utility-driven rooms here.