AMA Gamerse Recap

Cryptopolis tower

Recap Cross Community AMA with Gamerse

This Monday we had a very exciting cross community AMA with our partner Gamerse. A lot of very interesting questions were asked to our Marketing Specialist Jorg (Eisinkie) and therefore we have made a full recap!

Q1: Could you give us a brief introduction on the game Cryptopolis and how the game will be played?

First of all, hey everyone in the Gamerse community 🙂 We are very proud to be one of the first to launch on the SAM platform and are very much looking forward to our integration. 

Cryptopolis is a completely free-to-play Online Social NFT Game where you can acquire NFT’s such as furniture, clothing, and accessories to build out your own apartment in the Cryptopolis Tower. The game itself is a mix of Habbo Hotel & Sims like mechanics, where every Cryptopian will start their journey in the Tower in the basement in a basic apartment with a set of common NFT’s. As you work your way through the game you can trade, earn and collect new NFT items with fellow Cryptopians by playing minigames and completing daily quests to grind yourself to the top of the Tower! 

The game holds a progression system that is based on acquiring resources like in-game items (NFT’s) and this will reflect in your Prestige level. Next to your own and your friends’ apartments there will be public spaces in the Tower such as a library and restaurant where you can meet other players, hang out with friends and boost your skills that you will need to increase your Prestige.

Q2: Can you tell us more about the use/utility of NFT’s in game and how to get a hold of these NFT’s?

We believe that there needs to be a certain utility to every NFT item that you can acquire in the game and therefore we have connected the use of NFT’s towards your in-game character. Your character in Cryptopolis has Needs similar to the Sims franchise. To increase your Prestige or receive in-game currency you need to keep up their Hunger, Energy, Comfort, Social, and Fun levels. The NFT items that you will acquire during the game affect these needs so for example having a fridge in your apartment lets you eat there rather than going to the restaurant every time in order to keep up the Hunger of your character. In addition to that, the NFT items have different rarities ranging from: common-uncommon-rare-epic-legendary. This means that the utility of a NFT Item changes to, for example: a legendary bed gives a longer Energy buff than a common bed which makes it more valuable and also more rare due to the fact that there are less of these items.

Right now our first items are available on the Binance NFT Marketplace since we did the first Enigma Series Booster Pack drop with NFT Items in collaboration with Binance NFT. A Booster Pack contains 5 random NFT Items that you can directly sell on the NFT Marketplace or store in your wallet until the game releases and give you a head-start!

Q3: Will there be a central in-game marketplace?

A very short answer to this question: no. Due to the fact that we want to emphasize the social interaction that is possible in the game we want to prioritize this. Players can trade their NFTs in-game with other players for currency or similar NFTs and in this way it becomes extremely valuable when players think of creative ways to start a business in the Tower. When you gain some extra NFT items such as a bed, why not start your own store and sell the beds to other players?!

Q4: How is the token $CPO related to the game and how will you deal with ‘pay to win’ elements?

$CPO is the associated crypto currency that is used in Cryptopolis. However, Cryptopians do not need Cryptopolis tokens ($CPO) to start playing the game. The game is completely free-to-play as mentioned above and gives the opportunity to collect NFTs without having to use any of their own funds. There is an option to never even purchase $CPO and still play the game! Earn $CPO by doing your daily quests, trade your way to fortune and by hooking your crypto wallet in-game you will have a seamless experience of buying, earning and selling $CPO. As for the pay to win elements, we have several ‘Prestige Walls’ in the game where you have to have a certain Prestige Level to access areas, hold certain NFTs and therefore this is not possible to players with simply a big wallet of $CPO. You will get rewarded for your grind in the game as you will level up your Prestige by completing daily quests and playing minigames so these types of players will have a great advantage!

Q5: When can we expect the first playable version of the game?

Actually we are coming very close to our Closed Alpha launch which we expect in June! Certain members of the community and people that stake their $CPO right now will gain access to the first playable version and test this out together with us to fix every bug that needs to be fixed and where there is room for feedback. The next phase is the Open Alpha Launch in July which already is 95% feature complete and where everyone can play the game. During August we expect our Beta Launch and then we will have a grand Season One Launch during September where the full game is complete. After that we won’t stop and we expect to have our Season Two Launch in December where there will be a game update with new locations, gameplay, NFTs and minigames. To give you a general idea of the look-and-feel of the game I will post some visuals and in-game footage! 

We want to thank Gamerse for this amazing AMA where we discussed these topics on the game and hope that this clarifies a lot!