Cryptopolis - NFT’s


NFT’s in Cryptopolis

How do NFT’s work in Cryptopolis?

In the world of Cryptopolis, all items that can be acquired in your inventory are NFT’s. Furniture that can be placed in your room like couches, sofa’s, fridges and all sorts of closets and beds will be available as an NFT item. But also clothing and accessories that your avatar ingame can wear: a watch, hat and necklace. These items will show in your inventory as a ‘NFT Card’ where there are all different variations of furniture and clothing to acquire from either other Cryptopians or by playing mini games. 

Booster packs

Cryptopolis Booster Packs

Next to earning and trading separate NFT Items in-game, there is the possibility to acquire NFT items through special Cryptopolis Booster Packs. These Booster Packs contain 5 different NFT Items and come in different series, where every series holds 100 exclusive NFT Items of different rarities. The exciting part of opening a Booster Pack is that it is completely random what items are inside, which means that there always is a possibility to obtain a legendary NFT item! 

Opening Up Mechanics 

Your acquired Booster Packs can be opened on our exclusive Opening Up Mechanics! Here you will see an overview of all the packs that you have and the items that you have gained from them. 


Enigma Series
Booster Packs

The Enigma Series is our very first NFT Drop together with Binance NFT! This NFT Drop consists of 8.540 exclusive Enigma Series Booster Packs containing 5 items that can be used once Cryptopolis is live, and can immediately be traded upon the Binance NFT Marketplace. There are different rarities in the packs and even in the items that you can gain, so make sure you store your epic & legendary items in a good way!