Cryptopolis - $CPO
crypto currency


What is $CPO?

$CPO is the associated crypto currency that is used in Cryptopolis. However, Cryptopians do not need Cryptopolis tokens ($CPO) to start playing the game. The game is completely free-to-play and gives the opportunity to collect NFT’s without having to use any of their own funds. There is an option to never even purchase $CPO and still play the game! Earn $CPO by doing your daily quests, trade your way to fortune and by hooking your crypto wallet in-game you will have a seamless experience of buying, earning and selling $CPO. 

Stake your $CPO

You don’t need to spend CPO to make CPO! Make your CPO work for you while you play your way to the top of the tower. Stake the CPO you don’t need in our dedicated staking pool and save up for that legendary NFT!