Cryptopolis - Game


Social NFT game

Welcome to the Tower! Cryptopolis is an online social NFT game where you take your shot at becoming the wealthiest Cryptopian of the Tower. Play our game for free in your browser, keep your character happy by upholding his or her needs, grind your skills, and make friends. NFTs and minigames are the lifeblood of your wealth, so ensure you keep your eyes on the prize. Cryptopolis is a social world where you dive into the secret of its inhabitants and everything surrounding it. See you in the Tower!

Booster Packs


In the world of Cryptopolis, all items that can be acquired in your inventory are NFT’s. Furniture that can be placed in your room like couches, sofa’s, fridges and all sorts of closets and beds will be available as an NFT item. Learn more about how NFT’s work in the game here. 


$CPO is the associated crypto currency that is used in Cryptopolis. Earn $CPO by doing your daily quests, playing minigames and trading NFT’s with other Cryptopians!