Cryptopolis tower

Social online game


Quest complete


Start your adventure in the Cryptopolis Tower by completing quests and level up your Prestige!

Collect NFT's

Collect NFT’s

All items that are acquired in-game are NFT’s such as furniture, clothing and accessories.

Social Platform

Interact with friends in the Tower to build out your NFT collection and play minigames together with fellow Cryptopians.

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The future of
NFT gaming is here.

The tower

The start of your journey in the Tower.

Every Cryptopian will start their journey in the Cryptopolis Tower with their own empty apartment. NFT Items such as furniture, clothing and art can be acquired by completing daily quests and interacting with fellow Cryptopians. Once you have a full inventory of NFT Items that can be stored in your apartment you have the possibility to furnish and style it by your own taste! 

Grind your way
to the top of the Tower

Cryptopolis quests

gain Prestige

Become a famous Cryptopian!

As you grind your way to the top of the tower you will gain Prestige. Increasing your Prestige level is based upon several aspects such as increasing your Avatars Skills, completing quests in the Tower and playing Minigames. Certain public areas, NFTs, and activities are locked behind a Prestige wall. Not level 30 yet? No access to the Token Night Club unfortunately!



Compete against your friends in Minigames

Next to doing your daily quests, making friends, leveling up your character and training their skills, there is much more to do in the Tower! Have fun in the Cryptopolis public areas and play minigames with your friends. These minigames also give the player progression in their Prestige level! While enjoying these minigames, all Cryptopians have the possibility to compete against each other and acquire new items. Make sure to check out the Library to take on Dr. Yukizima for a game of chess!

Cryptopolis minigame


Character Needs,
Moods & Skills

While playing Cryptopolis, your character will develop certain skills that can be trained. At the start of your journey in the tower you have the ability to define the base values of these skills by allocating points. Skills can also later be trained during gameplay by taking part in activities and using appropriate items.

In addition to that, everything you do in the tower will affect your character’s needs such as energy, social and hygiene stats. These stats go down over time and must be maintained regularly by performing certain actions. Make sure to keep your Cryptopian in a happy mood!