Early Access Cryptopolis!

Cryptopolis tower

New Staking Rewards gives Early Acces

Hi Cryptopians,

We want to reward the people who stake up until the game launch for their loyalty and trust in Cryptopolis.That’s why your next staking reward (apart from the APY of course!) will be GUARANTEED access to one of the closed alpha windows in June!

The requirements to get guaranteed access are:

🔸 Stake minimum 10.000 $CPO up until the Closed Alpha release with the wallet you are going to play with. We will snapshot all wallets the day before closed alpha releases go live.

🔸 A few Cryptopians who stake between 5000–10.000 $CPO will be randomly picked around the Closed Alpha windows.

What can you expect in the closed alpha releases? Well, the following features will be in the closed alpha releases:

🔸 Apartment edit mode > Furnish your apartment

🔸 Booster shop + pack openings

🔸 Player to player trading

🔸 Inventory system

🔸 Chat function

🔸 Three public locations

🔸 ‘’The Machine’’ working in the library. Get your random NFT and profit.

🔸 Avatar customization

🔸 Needs & Skills System

So what are you waiting for? Be one of the first Cryptopians to set foot in the Tower, and get a head start on the rest of the world by staking your CPO!