Early Access Info

Early Access Info

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Important information Early Access

First of all, it’s great to see that you’re going to play the Early Access! To prepare yourself well, it is helpful to read all the information below carefully. That way, you are aware of everything. If you have any questions, ask them on one of our well-known (social) channels. Our moderators are there to answer any question you might have.

What has changed compared to the Closed Alpha?

At first glance, it might seem like nothing has changed for you. But, behind the scenes, we have been busy fixing a lot of bugs. In addition, the devs are busy making it possible to use your purchased room in Early Access! More on that below!

Will there be more updates coming any time soon?

We wouldn’t be Cryptopolis if we didn’t give this our all! So, starting from the 18th of July, we will provide a development update every Monday on what has been updated for that week. By doing this you will stay involved with the development of the game. 

What times and days can we play?

You can log in every weekday (Monday – Friday) between 10:00 AM UTC and 03:00 PM UTC. 

Don’t forget to add Testnet to your MetaMask wallet! Forgot how to do this? Click the link below:

I bought a room on OpenSea, can I use it during Early Access?

Yes, Cryptopian! During Early Access everything runs on Testnet. But, we are working on getting the game to read your Mainnet wallet. If this contains a room that you have purchased, you will receive a clone on Testnet. Amazing, isn’t it?!

Will character customization be possible?

At first this will not be possible. But, we want to add this as soon as possible. Expect this to be possible around August.

Do you want more info? Join our community!

Feel free to join our communities and reach out to our mod team with any question you have: