Cryptopolis Tokenomics

Cryptopolis Tokenomics

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Cryptopians, a clear explanation of the tokenomics is important for investors. It can sometimes be still unclear. In this blog post, you can read all the information regarding the release schedule of the CPO token. Don’t hesitate to ask our moderators in Telegram or Discord if you have any questions.

Important concepts about tokenomics

Circulation supply 

The number of tokens that are in circulation. All the tokens that are claimable from a vesting contract + tokens that are in public hands

Total supply

The total amount of tokens that is minted. Unclaimable tokens behind a vesting contract + circulation supply

Max supply 

the maximum amount of tokens that can be minted

Vesting contract 

Tokens are placed behind a vesting contract to ensure that not everything is released at once. The investor can manually access this contract to claim his tokens. The investor is able to claim every day a small amount. If the vesting is 12 months, he can claim 1/365 share per day. If he claims after 30 days, he can claim 30/365.


Minting tokens mean you create tokens that are not yet part of the total supply. A project sets the maximum amount of tokens that can be minted in advance. (Max supply)

Above, you can see the release schedule of the CPO tokens. At the time of writing (20th of January 2023), the total supply is around 550M. On the 18th of May 2024, the last token will be released to claim.

Why did you not include treasury and game ecosystem in the chart?

The treasury and the game ecosystem are currently not minted. And for now, there is no intention to mint them. They are initially included in tokenomics for a specific purpose and will only be minted in that specific case.

What is the specific case, and why you don’t burn them? 

The treasury and game ecosystem tokens have been set aside for future use. Once the game is in its full release state, a portion of these tokens will be distributed within the in-game economy to ensure that all players have access to them. This distribution will be based on supply and demand principles. The tokens will remain unused until there is a significant demand for them, at which point a portion may be minted in order to maintain a healthy supply and demand balance.

It is important to note that burning a large number of tokens now would negatively impact the game’s economy as it would limit the ability to supply the growing demand in the future. Decisions regarding the minting of these tokens will be made carefully and with consideration for the overall impact on all stakeholders, including the company.

We hope that this explanation has provided clarification.

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