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Cryptopolis Bug Fixes

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Cryptopolis bug fixes – 4th of January

Cryptopians! A new year with new milestones. 2022 was a year we can be proud of. Cryptopolis has gone from an idea to a real game! 2023 is all about continuing to build and expand. We want to thank you for being with us on this journey. Without you, we can’t do this!

We would like to keep you informed of the latest developments. As soon as there are developments, we will share the highlights on our socials. In addition to our socials, we will post an extensive story in a blog on our website. This can be found under the heading “community”.

Development overview

Bugs that are fixed:

  • If you pick up an object with your mouse and then move it too fast, it previously was lost.
  • When you pick up an object and move it over a surface point. Then it was first put down automatically.
  • It was possible to choose a name that already existed.
  • It was possible to trade with Benny without greeting him first

Added elements:

  • More hair colors are added to Character Creation

Elements that are under development:

  • The Chess minigame is under development. Soon as it’s completed it will be added to the game and connected to the chess board in the library

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