Black Friday Cryptopolis

Black Friday Cryptopolis

Cryptopolis tower

Get 20% cashback on your IRO Room!

Black Friday offer Cryptopolis

We have a very special Black Friday offer for you! If you buy an IRO room during Black Friday (or the weekend after), you will receive 20% cashback in Cryptopolis by receiving $CPO.

This IRO room will give you the following benefits in Cryptopolis:

  • Exclusive Quests
  • Exclusive Badges
  • Exclusive Items
  • Special Avatar
  • Premium Access

These benefits will only be available for IRO owners and will therefore give you a great head start in Cryptopolis!

In addition to the cashback, ‘Fat Cat Real Estate’ will top that with a one time free NFT that will be sent to you after you have completed your purchase.

Have you purchased an IRO during Black Friday?

Thanks for purchasing a room and we hope that you will have lots of fun with your brand new IRO room in Cryptopolis! In order to receive the 20% in-game cashback you will need to fill in the form below, and the $CPO will be transferred to your wallet next week!

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